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April 18, 2011

Slow down.

Time seems to be flying around here and I can't believe it has been over two months since we posted! Jack has been one for 2 days, and it's so bittersweet. On one hand I want him to stay little forever, but at the same time it's so exciting to watch him explore this big world and grow and learn every day.

Jack is now crawling around everywhere (not army crawling either!) and is crazy fast. He is pulling himself to stand up and walking around with the help of our furniture and his toys. He has 10 (soon to be 12) teeth including 4 molars....which is not a fun process. He eats anything and everything (except pureed foods) and has made the switch from formula to milk, which he LOVES. He babbles A LOT and most of the time he sounds so serious when doing what he is saying is so important that you have to listen. He can throw a good temper tantrum (if you can call those good), likes to turn the light switch off when you leave a room, waves hello and goodbye, claps his hands, and most generally a very happy boy.

I take a lot of pictures which most of you see on facebook but have managed to put together a little slideshow from Jack's first year...I hope the next year goes by a little slower than this one did...time sure flies when you're having fun :) To view the slideshow go here:

Much Love

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