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October 11, 2011

Is anyone still here?

Wow. Okay. So summer happened and updating the blog didn't. We do have some very exciting news to share on here though (most of you know this already anyways). We are expecting another tiny person to join our household come April (well May 3rd but we all know I'm delivering in April if past deliveries/inductions are any indication). Spring is very quickly becoming a busy month for birthdays in this house. I'm currently 10w5d along and my next ultrasound is scheduled for 2 weeks from today, it's all very exciting. So far I've had every symptom there is, and while the horrible nausea and all day sickness is slowly getting better it's still not fun. It seems to be clearing up and hopefully will be a thing of the past once we push past the first trimester.

Jack has changed quite a bit since the last update (it has been 6 months lol). He's now running, not walking, everywhere. Constantly moving, throwing balls, making noise, babbling away (sometimes I can understand what he's saying but most of the time it's just jibberish...he's getting there), and testing us. He's getting into trouble and he knows very well what he's not supposed to do but that doesn't mean he listens...he will just look at you, smile knowingly, and go do it anyways. He does come to me after and "say" sorry with a kiss but still, we'll have to work on this listening thing. He loves being outdoors, which means I'll have to come up with a lot of fun indoor activities for us when the snow comes since being outdoors all the time really won't be an option. He also loves "reading" books and if we go to do dishes or something around the house and leave him in the playroom he will just pick a book, sit on either the couch or the floor, and flip through the pages and babble while looking at the pictures. It's pretty cute. He's also seemed to realize when a book is upside-down now and will fix it before continuing to read which is pretty neat since he taught that to himself. We haven't started potty training or anything but we have brought out a potty so he can get used to the idea of it and he does use the potty every night before he goes to bed and gets really excited about it. He's not at a point during the day where he understands that he is going potty in his diaper and could communicate so we'll just keep up with the at night routine until he's at that point and then the full on potty training begins. Oh joy! It would be nice to have him out of diapers before the next little arrives and we start all over again lol.

I don't have anything else to share at the moment so I'll just catch you up with some pictures from the spring/summer/early fall (be prepared...there are A LOT)...

  Before his first haircut...
 After the haircut :)

Much Love.

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